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Meet Amanda Dean, Massage Therapist

The Journey into Massage Therapy

AmandaI graduated from Penn Foster High School in 2010 and had no clear direction in which to go. I started searching for a career that would define my future, fulfill my needs, and help others. One of the best experiences of my life was caring for someone who was dealing with physical pain on a daily basis and providing them with some relief. I found satisfaction in that and it fueled my desire to learn about the science of the human body, and to discover how I could aid in healing it. I found myself looking into schools for nursing and caregiving, as well as other professions, yet nothing sparked my curiosity. After a few weeks of searching, a conversation about massage therapy arose between myself and several family members, thus my search continued and I began looking into schools for massage therapy.

Onward and Upward

I began my courses at Body Mechanics School of Myotherapy and Massage. I found the curriculum to be comprehensive and challenging. During my time at the school, I was in a car accident and experienced what it was like to be a patient in need of injury treatment. During my time in treatment my therapist took the utmost care of my body. She was gentle in her technique and attentive to my needs. She was careful to communicate with me about how everything she did affected me as well as our plans for my future treatment. My experiences while in her care affected my performance with my clients in school. They helped to shape the way I treat my clients today.

My Commitment To You, as My Client

My experiences have shaped my practice. I commit to each of my clients: To communicate openly about their treatment, that we will work as a team to improve their health, and that I will always treat their bodies with tender respect and care. I bring all of my intellect, experience, and compassion to each interaction with the goal of caring for you and helping you heal as it gives me satisfaction to do so.

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