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Advanced Testing

At All Ways Chiropractic, we utilize the best forms of testing to objectively document treatment.
Myovision Advanced Testing

What is the Myovision sEMG Exam?

The sEMG from MyoVision is a computerized spinal exam that utilizes technology similar to the EKG, yet instead of measuring your heart muscle we measure your back muscles. This exam provides an objective report of your pain by showing on a visual scale how much stress your nervous system is experiencing. This is done by measuring how your muscles are firing whether they are over stimulated, under stimulated or somewhere in the middle. This exam only takes a couple of minutes and typically what you see on the report correlates to the pain that you are experiencing.

DynaROM TestingWhat is DynaROM?

DynaROM is used to test for pain and muscle guarding responses in terms of your current range of motion due to a soft tissue injury from an auto accident or work injury. Sensors are placed on either your cervical or lumbar region, depending on the injured area. During this exam you will perform different movements which will test your low back or your necks range of motion. The data that is recorded is used to aid in establishing the need for care while tracking the progress of your injury over time.

Why is muscle activity important?

Muscles compensate for pain by tensing up, which causes guarding of the injured areas to prevent further injury. Guarding an injured area causes you to move, walk, dress or sit different, possibly causing new conditions if left unattended. MyoVision exams objectively document this pattern of muscle guarding to aid in establishing the proper course of care while tracking progress over time, for the purposes of healing.

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